PPN Checker

How would I know if I am likely to benefit from your services?

  • I want quicker and more regular treatments for my problems that would increase my chances of recovery.
  • I have been waiting for physiotherapy appointment for some problems or injury
  • I am a Care Home Owner or Operator or have a family member in a Nursing or Care Home and they could do with some help in improving their function and activity level
  • I am house-bound with reduced mobility and high risk of fall?
  • I am at risk of a fall due to my poor balance, foot problems, joints pain and other ailments?
  • I have been at a healthcare facility for my problems but could do with some additional treatments and advice
  • I am an elderly patient (or have an elderly relative or neighbour) who is going off his or her feet
  • I am preparing for an operation and would like some pre-operative assessment, treatment and advice to boost my post-operative recovery
  • I have just had an operation and would like to boost my return to function and pre-operative level 
  • I have a longstanding physical problem previously treated but still recurring
  • I want a Therapist that would work in Partnership with me to not only alleviate my problems, but address the likely causes.
  • I plan to set up home or workplace Wellness, Treatment and Maintenance programs for myself (at home) or employees (workplace) to promote health and wellbeing
  • I do not want my new and/or ongoing problem(s) to be a longstanding (chronic) issue
  • I have been to loads of ‘experts’ and ‘specialists’ and my problems appear not to be improving
  • I have a child with longstanding muscles/joints/legs pain and have been told it is due to ‘growing pain’
  • I am an instructor or Teacher who runs a GROUP (Pilate, Yoga, dance, Fitness, fun groups, Etc) programs for people. Some members have been complaining of pain, experiencing some joints problems and dropping out of group.
  • I would like to improve my employees/workplace productivity and make it a fun place to work
  • I would like to adapt my home, workplace, lifestyle and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to suit my changed/changing functions.
  • I would like to have all my Healthcare Professionals discussing my healthcare needs under one roof (my roof) all at the same time!
  • I am still not sure yet if my needs would be met or my problems mentioned here, then speak to us. You’ll thank us for it.

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our duty of care to provide



- high quality and multidisciplinary in approach;

- prompt and efficiently delivered with excellence at the core.

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