A-Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Avoid sprain and other injuries as you stay active. Health is Wealth

B-Beware of the effects of caffeine and other stimulants on exercise

C-Create your get active action plan

D-Don’t overstretch and bounce while stretching

E-Exercise helps your bone health

F-Fitness programs need not cost money. Incorporate homemade exercise programs

G-Get ready to change. Don’t let excuses stop you exercising. The body achieves what the mind believes.

H-Healthy Eating essentials for good health

I-Inappropriate exercise gears predispose you to injury. Don’t grab what is just handy and don’t choose the right shoes for the wrong activity

J-Join a group. Make your exercise a social event walking/running with a group

K-Keep track of your progress or lack of it

L-Lactic Acidosis occurs during vigorous exercises. Rehydrate with lots of water and rest in between activities

M-Maintain the right weight for your height

N-No age limits to exercise. If in doubt, ask your healthcare practitioner.

O-Overhaul your health and fitness level by turning sit time into fit time. Start slow, progress it and start a new activity once you plateau.

P-Progress your physical workout at your pace

Q-Quit Smoking and Stop Procrastinating

R-Reduce Sedentary Behaviours: Sitting Less and moving more

S-Sleep Well

T-Take your exercise serious. Exercise is Medicine!

U-Use Dynamic stretching as a warm up for exercise

V-Value your time and exercise creatively. Encourage less screen time to combat the excuse of lack of time. Log out, shut down, and go for a walk or run.

W-Walking lowers your stress level, lifts mood, and reduces risk of depression

X-Xtra help counts. Use technology: calorie counter, fitness apps, fitness log, etc. run happy, run grumpy; run speedy, run slow; run a little, Run a lot; Just Run!

Y-Your strength training can be made effective and safe if properly designed

Z-Zero your mind on getting active and fit by being an early riser, employ the buddy system, make exercise a priority, reward yourself and admit no one is perfect when having a bad day

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