How much will this cost me?

-Our rate depends on your location and the nature of your problems. The cost of initial assessment is between 100 and 120 pounds for your initial.

The cost of the follow up treatment is 60-80 pounds depending on geographical location, duration of treatment and nature of your condition. FEES

Our biomechanical assessment and gait analytical service is charged differently from the above.


How soon can I be seen?

-We’ll provide you with an appointment as soon as you contact us. We’ll offer you our earliest appointment once we have taken all the relevant details of your problems and expectations on the phone. APPOINTMENTS


What kind of services do you provide?

-We provide a specialist home, workplace and group Physiotherapy services. Our expertise covers adult, children, the elderly, soft tissue and sports injuries, men and women’s health, etc. Our services are preventative, rehabilitative, health promoting and wellness in nature. Some are a combination of these. Services. CONTACT US


What kind of problems or conditions do you treat?

-The list of problems we treat varies from back, neck, joints problems to shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands problems. Our clinicians treat conditions affecting the human bones and joints, muscles and tendons, limiting your functions and impacting your activities of daily living. See our relevant page for some insight into some of the conditions we manage. CONDITIONS


Is it Possible to refer myself or do I need a referral letter from my Doctor or Hospital?

-We can see you without a letter from your Doctor or hospital (that is, self-referral). In instances where we’ll need additional information from your GP or Specialist, we can arrange to contact them with your consent.


What happens if I need further Tests?

-We can arrange you to be referred back for further diagnostic testing if it warrants it. Where and when required, we will explain our reasons and thought processes and how this is best achieved within the shortest possible time.


Can I use my Private Health Insurance to Pay for My Treatment?

-Yes, you can, provided your health Insurance Company approves of it. This is contingent on getting a prior approval from the Insurer and us handling the paper work.    


How do I contact you?

-You can contact us on the phone, via email or through the contact us page. CONTACT US


How will I know if your services are for me?

-We have provided a list of questions to help guide you in making an informed decision if home physiotherapy is what you need. Please see our Peslocus Physio Needs (PPN) Checker for more information. PPN


Where do you cover with your visits?

-We cover the whole County of Essex and the neighbouring border towns and villages of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent and East London. LOCATIONS


Are your Therapists fully qualified and Chartered ?

-All our Clinicians are fully qualified, Chartered and DBS vetted. In addition, the Therapists assigned to you have expertise in that particular area. We match our services to your needs.


What if i don’t want to be seen and treated in my home?

-Our primary service is community based and do see people in their homes, offices, etc. However, if you do not want to be seen in your home, we may be able to arrange an appointment for you at one of our associated clinics, if there is one near you.