Our fees are dependent on your location, healthcare needs and treatment time.


1. Initial Assessment (up to 60 minutes)

This covers the first time assessment, treatment and discussing out management plan with you.


2. Follow up sessions (up to 40 minutes

This covers the follow up treatment after the initial assessment.


3. Our biomechanical assessment and gait analysis (up to 60 minutes)

This is charged at a different rate. This involves use of the 2D scanner, gait and postural analysis and treatment.  

We travel to addresses 20 mile radius of our postcode with no travel charge. Locations outside 20 mile radius with incur an extra travel charge of 0.7p/mile.

We provide the consumables required, exercise programs, and reports (where relevant) for the initial, follow up and biomechanical sessions. 


We offer discounts to facilitate your access to our services-


1. 5% Discounts for initial assessments booked within 24 hours of initial Enquiry

2. 10% Discounts for group booking of 7 sessions confirmed and paid for at the time of initial assessment

Please contact us to discuss further.